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This website is dedicated to our York City Fanzine ‘Ginner’s Left Foot’. The magazine is currently ten issues old and was launched in February 2002 by our good selves - DALEY MAYALL & ANGUS MacCOATUP, after a number of fans on a York City internet forum raised the possibilities, late in 2001, of getting one published. Because we liked writing about the club and worked together in the print trade, this convinced us to take the bull by the horns and we began drafting a design for the front cover and jotting down ideas for features to include within its pages. With a lot of hard work and some friendly advice from other fanzine editors, we felt very confident we could get one up and running so we put fingers to keyboards and the fun began.........


Why a Fanzine? Why Ginner’s Left Foot?

In December of 2001 - just two months prior to our first issue going on sale - the club was put up for sale by then Chairman Douglas Craig. This made us even more determined to channel our spare time into publishing a humorous magazine that would keep the spirit among the City fans high by providing some light relief amidst the troubles. The fanzine would also provide an outlet for them to voice their opinions at Craig’s actions and other matters associated with York City Football Club. During this period we began the process of choosing a suitable name for the mag. We came up with a shortlist of half a dozen titles, including ‘Past and Crescent’; ‘2002BC - A York City Odyssey’; ‘Minstermen Mouthpiece’; ‘Within These Walls’ and ‘Bootham Bugle’ and eventually ran a poll at www. to decide what it should be called. Around 60% voted for the other option, ‘Ginner’s Left Foot’ in tribute to Wayne Hall, a full-back who slotted home the winning penalty on City’s only appearance at Wembley against Crewe in 1993 - with his left foot! Steps were then taken to get other City fans involved to help write articles for the first edition. Just over two years later, GLF produces an issue with full-colour pages!


Both of us at GLF (as many people like to refer to it - it is easier!) have been priveleged to cover the last two and a bit traumatic years in the life of York City Football Club and come out the other side still smiling, despite relegation. We can proudly claim to have raised well over £700 for the club and its Supporters’ Trust from sales when surplus finances allowed us to do so. This was one of our intentions when we first set up.


Our much anticipated 20-page first edition with a print run of 340 copies finally went on sale against Darlington at home on March 16th 2002 and was well received. Our debut would have been earlier but for postponements, but it so happened we made our bow on the same day a certain John Batchelor was confirmed as our alleged saviour after he became chairman at the club stepping into Mr. Craig’s shoes. Despite selling well away from the gates of Bootham Crescent, as we weren’t sure if we might upset the new owners, we sold over 200 copies - an encouraging start. As word spread a new magazine was available, so sales increased. In the three home games we sold at, we finally managed to pass the 300 mark leaving us with about 25 copies (these have subsequently been sold to eager GLF readers!). Slowly, things were taking off. We began to sell nearer the gates, and after gaining permission off Batchelor to sell inside the ground (probably the only decent thing he did whilst in charge of the club!) sales began to increase.


Our biggest selling issue to date is GLF6 (which broke the 500 mark) - which featured a special 16-page section dedicated to the 10th anniversary of City’s trip to Wembley and included an interview with the one and only Wayne Hall - the man we named the fanzine after! Subsequent editions have sold steadily with sales of around 450. Up until GLF9, the cover price remained at £1. Because our ninth edition featured full colour for the first time in celebration of the fact City’s board had negotiated a deal to save Bootham Crescent for the "foreseeable future" and a 20th anniversary tribute to City’s Championship season of 1983/84, we had to double the price to £2 to cover increased expenses. Our final edition - GLF10 - will also be priced at £2 to accommodate a few extra pages than before to celebrate the 50th anniversary of York City’s heroic F.A. Cup run of the 1954/55 season. Hopefully we can pass another donation to Club or Trust with profits made on this last ever edition!

Will GLF continue?

We strongly believe the fans need to express themselves both seriously or humorously, and to be given an opportunity to have their say through the medium of a fanzine. Now we have produced our tenth & final GLF, we will try to put the emphasis on this very website, with fresh articles appearing as we think of them, as well as your views and articles. So the GLF ‘Fan-e-zine’ is born!

NOTE: As we have now stopped publishing, we no longer need any articles but feel free to get in touch about GLF at




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