The York City Fanzine


OLD BADGE - No longer needed. £50 o.n.o. Can split lions if required.

ITV DIGITAL Receivers, 10,000 left gathering dust. Still boxed. As new. £5 the lot.

HONDA ACCORD - Slight damage to front end, otherwise OK. Nice bright colour - suit lady driver. Offers over £1500.
DAVID SEAMAN Coaching video and training manual. Free. BOXGLF2187
RED PAINT. Due to an over estimate, we have 150 litres of bright red paint for sale. Only £5 per 5lt tin. BOXGLF0098

NEW BADGE - Unwanted gift. $5 o.n.o. Can split checks if required. BOXGLF0277 (Trade)
SEASON TICKETS. 2006/2007 season now available, buy early & save £152 - only £1 each before 31st October 2003. Sorry, only first 8000 applicants. BOXGLF2006.

- Complete in Y front kit and white thigh-high length platform boots. Will sing when certain strings are pulled. BOXGLF4040
1x1 INCH BLACK STICKY BACKED SQUARES. Unwanted on Social Club walls. Would come in useful if making your very own chess/draughts board. Genuine offers from 1p per square. BOXGLF6464

GIANT WHITE HANDS. Will suit Minnie Mouse fancy dress outfit, or any budding Kenny Everett impersonators. BOXGLF2002BC

MYSTIC STATISTIC for Tarot card readings & massage. Warm hands. BOXGLF6969
ESCORT. Goes well, been round the block a few times, but nice bodywork. Big end needs attention, hence £450 o.n.o. BOXGLF6969
BUSH TRIMMER For Hire. Good rates. Friendly service. Has all the tools for the job. available when City don't play matches. BOXGLF6969RH.

BLACK & WHITE checked paint, to finish off a job - urgent. BOXGLF0766
TOP STRIKER. re-advertised  due to timewaster. Can collect. BOXGLF2218
DISPLAY CABINET. Must be able to hold one trophy. Contact Terry dolan. BOXGLF0766
GLF NO. 4. Must be numbered 1923 on front cover.BOXGLF1955
TOKENS: 10 from GLF 4. Also helmet & furry dice for offer on back cover. LOTS of £££'s for either item. BOXGLF1955
CRACKERS. To be pulled at Xmas dinner. Must go with a bang. Blonde or Brunette, not fussy! BOXGLF6969
PLANNING PERMISSION. needed urgently so 93 refugees & families can be housed in Bootham area. BOXGLF666PH/BCH.

LOST - Club identity, last seen June 2002 in the Bootham area. Answers to the pet name of 'York City Football Club'. Reward. BOXGLF0115
LOST - Marbles, last seen rolling around in Directors box. BOXGLF0001.
LOST: Sandwich - short of a picnic... Reward! BOXJB0001
FOUND: In Mersey tunnel; a stray, disobedient HOWARTH - RUSSELL. Responds to the words Judas and Fetch/Fettis? BOXGLF0202TRFC
LOST - 'The Plot'. A novel about a sleeping giant living on the Humber Estuary - an area frequented by lame tigers. Written by Mr C.O.D. Head. Good money paid to appease angry chairman. BOXGLF024AP

CUNNING LINGUIST. Must speak portugese. To help with translating English into nonsense. BOXGLF5422.
CHEF. Must be able to cook the books. Free Vodka or Gin in Social Club for right applicant. BOXGLF2222JB
ORANGE SLICER. To help in dressing rooms and Social Club. Must be able to slice into quarters at a fast rate. No silly Ainsley Harriot types need apply. BOXGLF1985BC
SEEKING WORK -  MANAGERIAL, vastly experienced in lower-level managerial work, although certificates of achievement are as scarce as the hairs on my head. Willing to learn and progress under someone with tactical nous and a bubbly personality. BOXGLF1111TD

HOWARTH - RUSSELL. Needs an understanding new owner. A bit like a jack Russell, only less loyal. Has been known to bite the hand that feeds it. reasonable offers only. No time wasters! Contact E. Jacob BOXEJ0101