The York City Fanzine

THE FIRST ever issue, (Feb 2002) and what a bang to start with! Of course, we had to cover ‘Fan’s United Day’, one of the main reasons for kicking off Ginner’s Left Foot. Read about the events of the day and see exclusive photos of the event, some of which are featured elsewhere on these pages!

Also in Issue 1, Daley, our Co-Ed writes about the battle between the ‘
Douglas’ Chairmen! York’s former, and Aston Villa’s current leader square up in a ding-dong battle to see who’s the most hated!

Ginner’s Hairy Mole digs up the best tips available to save you wasting hours down the bookies! This issue, he successfully predicted the departure of David O’Leary from
Leeds! Keep up the good work GHM!

Read Angus’s (the other Co-Ed) brief ‘Heads or Tails’, Greg Stone - The Man With The Megaphone, The ‘X-iles’ - life of a fan living away from York, The Morgan 4’s away day adventure, The Yorkie Bars Internet Football Team’s exploits, Yorkie Talkie - the lovable YC mascot (I can’t believe what he gets up to!), Reg Hedge talks bushes, plus all the other fun bits and pieces!

ISSUE 2 - APRIL 2002 sees the return of our now regular writers, Daley and Angus of course, plus Reg Hedge, Yorkie the Lion and the newly formed Harrogate Minstermen.

A new feature to pop up now and again is ‘There’s only one......’ This time round it is Eddie Blackburn, former City goalie from the early eighties! Read our exclusive interview with him.

‘Footballers’ Wives’ Husband’s Girlfriend’s’ comic strip graces the centre pages; boy did we have fun taking these pics! Thanks to Zoë & Oliver for lending us their dolls and action figures to play with!

‘Caught On The Web’ the useful internet site finder returns along with the now familiar layout of jokes and snippets. Also read about the newly acquired ‘Potter’s Bar!’ by City player Graham Potter.

ISSUE 3 - AUGUST 2002 - Complete with free gift! Yes what more could you want to celebrate York City’s fresh start & fresh Chairman, than a piece of chewing gum for fresh breath!

It’s the new badge that seems to be under the spotlight in this one, Ozzie Wallace finds a design brief from Southdross Designs and Angus gives his view on the matter. Daley’s day out at the races, reporting for the Yorkshire Evening Pest. Also Hu Flung Dung, our
South Asia correspondent, reviews the World Cup! Terrytowelling Dolequeue comes under the spotlight from oniongravy. Jobi 1 asks some telling questions about the new regime too!

World Cup lookalikes, some absolute classics here. Old Mother Shipton’s Halcyon Daze values more worthless items, this time round - the 1984
York City record ‘Here We Go!’ Yorkie Talkie returns along with Reg Hedge, The Yorkie Bars and Ginner’s Hairy Mole with pre-season tips!

ISSUE 4 - OCTOBER 2002. Inside this ‘re-branded’ issue, Daley Mayall has an exclusive on the creation of ‘YORKCITY TV’ the new channel set to launch soon, featuring programmes such as ‘Ground Force’ hosted by gardening guru Reg Hedge!

See the fans attempts at designing a
new City badge, can’t be any worse than what we’ve got now! Checkout Angus’s Heads & Tails which is all just a dream. Also see exclusive pictures of the ‘Open Day’ held at Bootham Crescent, letting the paying public look behind the scenes.

GLF has also teamed up with ‘Hot Trumps’ to bring you a collectors game card series - the first six cards in this issue. The ‘X-iles’ returns, along with ‘
Old Mother Shipton Street’ and what’s been happening with the ‘Harrogate Minstermen’. Unfortunately ‘Reg Hedge’ was being detained by the Poliss, so neighbour ‘Paul Wall’ stands in for this issue...... ‘I Could Do That’ and ‘In The Manager’s Office’ are two masterpieces on the life of a Football Manager. Chris Brass reveals a new hobby, and finally - WIN A CAR! Just match the number on the front cover to the one inside, and you’ve won JB’s ‘Le Mans’ sports car!!

ISSUE 5 - DECEMBER 2002 - A BUMPER Christmas issue for our fifth outing, hopefully not the last as we wait to see if York City will survive over the next few weeks. ALL profits from this edition will go to the YORK CITY SUPPORTERS’ TRUST. Although we’re still only charging a measly quid, we urge you to pass on the extra pound to the trust instead of us charging you 2 quid!

So, here we go. Daley kicks off with a hearty piece about the last year of turmoil at City, before reviewing the City staff Xmas do! Speaking of do’s, Harrogate Minstermen kindly invited us to theirs; read ‘Yorkies’ version of events that night! ‘Friends of
Bootham Crescent’ give us the ‘what for’ on their aims and Bruce Foresight gives us a review of the finest moments in sport over the last 12 months.

‘A Christmas Shambles’ is the play on offer, thanks to Dynamo Kebab and YCST#351 reveals why he was glad
Reading were promoted!

The second part of ‘Hot Trumps’ returns to compliment our other seasonal game of ‘Snakes & Blaggers’! Reg is also back with a vengeance to oust Paul Wall before he gets too cosy!

Part 1 of Will Harris’ ‘Scream Team’ appears, oh, and did we mention there’s (WAS!) £30 up for grabs to the most knowledgeable person to enter our sports quiz!

ISSUE 6 - APRIL 2003. A Wembley 10th anniversary special, including an exclusive interview with the one and only WAYNE ‘GINNER’ HALL - our former City hero who’s penalty decider gave us promotion in the Division 3 play-off final back in 1993, and of course, who our fanzine is named after! We have recollections of the day from numerous City fans who got to Wembley....or not in our 16 page pull-out special!

Plus, see Reg Hedge astride his new equipment as he gives us a Lloyd Grossman style insight into the homes and gardens of the new City directors! David Dickinson turns up for a special edition of ‘Bargain Hunt’, and Daley catches up with ex football referee and now toilet attendant, Urinals Rennie.

Angus is undecided in ‘Heads or Tails?’; City get a call off George Dubya Bush in ‘In the Manager’s Office’; and evidently there are ‘Bird Watchers’ ‘twitching’ at Bootham Crescent!

Jobi 1 is eating ‘Humble Pie’ and keeping it down....just, but the ‘Four Bucketeers’ are on hand if needed!

‘Scream Team’ carries on where it left off with more City nightmares and you lucky people get another two ‘Hot Trumps’ cards for your collection!

ISSUE 7 – AUGUST 2003 - This issue features a 16-page TRIBUTE to the late, great KEITH WALWYN. Featuring fans’ memories, pics and an EXCLUSIVE interview - possibly the last Keith gave before his untimely passing. Published with kind permission from the Walwyn family.

Also - DALEY MAYALL reveals that David Beckham was on the verge of joining City during the close season!

ANGUS MacCOATUP’s ‘Heads or Tails?’ Angus tackles the prickly subject of ‘Women & Football’. Ooo-er!

‘IN THE MANAGER’S OFFICE’ - This Forum’s very own Dynamo Kebab reports on Chris Brass’s first day at Bootham Crescent in the player/manager’s hot-seat - which includes a visit from a much-hated, high-profile, York figure!

REG HEDGE - The Man with the neatly trimmed bush! Reg reports on his friend Ed Shed’s problems with Pissymon Homes and rant’s about the airing of his new City strip under the nose of his annoying neighbour, Paul Wall.

HARRY GATE, PI, has managed to get hold of ex-Chairman John Batchelor’s School Report. We print the damning evidence!

GINNER’S HAIRY MOLE - Yes, our furry friend, ‘Mole’ is back with some bookie-bashing betting tips for the forthcoming footy season and the Ebor at York later this month.

PLUS:- Hot Trumps - GLF Classifieds - Moaning Mini - Lookalikes - Scream Team - The BRASS Headlines - Old Mother Shipton-Street - Token Offer - etc, etc!!!!!

ISSUE 8 - DECEMBER 2003. Brighten up your Xmas by purchasing this eagerly anticipated edition which is full of festive merriment and features the following articles:-

DALEY MAYALL investigates the widening chasm in lifestyles between footballer’s playing in the Premiership and the 3rd Division by paying a visit to Chelski’s Harry Fernandes Emilio Spritzer and Orient regular Arfur Sixpence; KEITH WALWYN FANS TOURNAMENT - Review of the inaugural competition held last Summer by Seaside Willy; JON CHAMPION INTERVIEW - the celebrity City fan and ITV commentator is grilled about his love for the club and his broadcasting career by GLF; HEADS OR TAILS - Angus MacCoatup ponders the validity of Video Referees; MINSTERMEN DRAW - Which lucky forum regular has won himself a prize??? OLD MOTHER SHIPTON-STREET - Santa Claus pays a visit to the old hag to get something left to him in a Will valued; GROUND FARCE - Alan Smallmarch, Charlie Nipplehook and Tommy Grolsch pay a visit to Bootham Crescent to assess the potential for a makeover..... IN THE MANAGER’S OFFICE returns; Y-FRONT MEMORIES - Classic City pics from the 70’s; THE SECRET DIARY OF BARRY ANORAK (Aged 47 and 3/12ths); A ROOM WITH A VIEW - A Bootham resident blasts those planning on evicting City from Bootham Crescent and offers valid reasons for the club staying right where they are; YORKSHIRE CLUBS SHOCK MERGER! - ‘YE PEST’ reporter Angus MacCoatup reveals details of a link-up that will shake West Yorkshire football; YORKIE TALKIE - ‘The Furry Phenomenon’ offers two famous Xmas Carols, rewritten in true Yorkie stylee! REG HEDGE - The Hedgemeister is convinced he can save City (when he gets his hand on some promised dosh!).


ISSUE 9 - APRIL 2004. Chief Editor Daley Mayall has gone to great lengths to produce a SPECIAL 40-page edition which celebrates the fact Bootham Crescent is to remain the home of York City for the “foreseeable future”. It also includes a 16-page tribute to the ‘Class of 1983/84’ - yes, a fond look back to when York strolled to the Div. 4 Championship exactly 20 years ago. Also, for the first time, GLF has produced some pages in glorious FULL COLOUR, with exclusive pictures from the ‘Saved Bootham Crescent’ march on February 14th and also readers pics from City’s Championship season. This is an issue NOT TO BE MISSED. Alas, because of the significantly increased costs in putting this GLF SPECIAL together, there is one drawback; this issue is priced at £2 but is, in the eyes of the editor:- ‘the best issue we have put out yet and still terrific value for money.’

GLF9 also includes:
BARRY PARKER - ‘Glueless Kit’ - ‘COC’ approved merchandise!
DALEY MAYALL - his latest shocking EXCLUSIVE!!
STAYING AT BC! - The views of the fans.
TAN_OY TA_K - with Bob Hovercraft
HEADS OR TAILS? - Angus MacCoatup’s thought-provoking column.
PAP IDOL - The search for York City’s worst ever player reaches its conclusion....
REG HEDGE - The usual zany comments from the hedgemeister, but without a mention of furry vermin.....oh, hang on!

Along with the usual stuff such as:-
GLF Classifieds; TOKEN offer; The ‘X-iles’; The Secret Diary of Barry Anorak; Lookalikes; Win Wonga with ‘Where’s Wayne?’, etc, etc, etc.


ISSUE 10 - APRIL 2005. City fans and loyal readers alike pleaded and pleaded for it, and the Editorial team of York City’s Fanzine, ‘Ginner’s Left Foot’, finally relented. The popular fan-mag published by Daley and Angus returns for the TENTH and FINAL time, and if all goes according to plan, more hard-hitting and damning EXCLUSIVES, (courtesy of the ‘Yorkshire Evening PEST’, of course!) will be available for reading at York City’s final three home games against Gravesend and Northfleet, Dagenham and Redbridge and Farnborough Town - actually, is that 5 games? ;-)

Don’t miss this much anticipated ‘final fling’, with the lads determined to go out on a high. To whet your appetite, here are just a few of the articles included in GLF10 which will be the BIGGEST EVER EDITION at 44 pages........

THE HAPPY WANDERERS  -  a 12-page 50th Anniversary Tribute to York City’s FA Cup Semi-Final heroes, with a match-by match recollection including some stunning action pictures.

DALEY MAYALL’S EXCLUSIVE!!  -  The ‘Pest’ reports on the shocking demise of a promising York City Boyband!!......

YORKIE - The Men Behind The Lion  - GLF is granted a rare Q&A with the two guys responsible for the well-being of Yorkie - City’s cuddly mascot - and learns more about his background, shocking habits and the length of his tail......

YORK CITY HIGHLITES - Angus MacCoatup reports on the lengths some local celebrities will go to, in order to capture some magical moments on film....

THE KKC W.C.  -  Which member of the club staff is currently in situ upon the KKC throne? Buy GLF and find out!!

REG HEDGE  -  City’s popular horticulturist expands on a visit by City manager Billy McEwan to his vegetable patch at his local allotment.

ALL GOALS LEAD TO ROME...  -  Mark Woodhousius’ historical passage reveals that football was actually played in York in AD 279 when the Romans formed Eboracum Football Club!! Learn more fascinating facts in this eye-opening piece.

RORY JESTIN - PUB COMEDIAN  -  Stand-up comedian Rory lets rip with some cracking one-liners to an enthralled crowd gathered in a smoky bar. The jokes seem to go down very well, as they are aimed at a former York City Chairman, who just happens to be present in the pub!!

IN THE MANAGER’S OFFICE  -  Billy McEwan makes a shocking discovery at the club whilst undertaking a spring clean.....

THE SECRET DIARY OF BARRY ANORAK (aged 47 and 6/16ths)  -  Barry returns with his fascinating (yawn) take on life from the commentary box and reports on his visit to the Filey Bus and Tram Spectacular (yawn)....

THE X-ILES  -  An exiled City supporter writes about the fun involved following City whilst based in Newcastle and Reading.

A LICENCE TO BOOZE  -  Daley Mayall’s alcoholic review of the renamed public houses in York city centre in recognition at the football clubs’ problems over the last four years.....

ALSO............(we are spoiling you!)..........